De Ferro Italico (reissue 2012)

Image of De Ferro Italico (reissue 2012)


CD (slipcase)
Release date: April 2012
Label: To React Records

The album has been recorded between March and June 2010 at the ACME Studios in Raiano (AQ) by Davide Rosati and mastered in January 2011 at the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki by Mika Jussila.
The artwork is by Augur Svafnir; Lore and Maurizio from Folkstone took part to the recordings as guests.

"De Ferro Italico" is a concept album made up of two parts: the first one is marked out by folk and natural sonorities, the second one is more epic and aggressive; most of the lyrics are in italian, the remaining ones are in english and "osco" (the language spoken by most of the italic population in the pre-Roman age)

The history is set in a para-historical contest. It tells about the deeds of a group of warriors, devoted to the archaic traditions and the italic cults, which found themselves having to fight desperately against Rome and the Theodosian decree of the year 391, which let the persecution of all the pagan cults begin, so to pave the way for the rising christian cult.

I. Dove l'Italia Nacque
II. The Vitulean Empire
III. L'Augure e il Lupo
IV. Suovetaurilia
V. Ver Sacrum
VI. Legio Linteata
VII. Ballata d'Autunno
VIII. Inverno
IX. Roma Ferro Inique
X. De Ferro Italico